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  • BFC Monza K TCI Electronic 2 Group
  • BFC Monza K TCI Electronic 2 Group
  • BFC Monza K TCI Electronic 2 Group
  • BFC Monza K TCI Electronic 2 Group


Electronic 2 group

The design upgrade of the Monza perfectly blending modern and traditional design with un-compromised auto-functionality, quality and a multi boiler with PID for ultimate temperature control. Ideal for the medium to large cafe or restaurant. 

$11095.00 NZD

  • Description

    This machine series is the upgraded design of favourite of BFC owner, Mr Brutti’s favourite automatic espresso machine perfectly bringing versatility without compromise and a stylish retro design featuring blue lit front glass panels. The TCI model features one of the most recent technology advances in espresso machinery, with multiple boilers, one dedicated to steam and one to each group head. Multiple PID temperature control delivers strong steam power and enables the user to refine the quality of their espresso and keep it consistent from one shot to the next. Automatically programable dosing model by keyboard featuring ultra smart programming such as idling over night, pre-infusion, shot timing to the second, and other features to ensure the best consistent quality espresso.

    Available in Stainless Steel, Blue or Black with Blue features

    BFC espresso machines are one of the best constructed, top quality series on the market, designed and hand built in Italy using commercial grade components. These stylish, top performing machines are a testament to the owner’s engineering background. Read More About BFC


  • Features

    • Hand built in Italy by espresso experts
    • Commercial thermally balanced group head
    • PID (microprocessor)Temperature Control for accurately adjustable extraction temperature
    • Dual heavy duty copper inner boilers for excellent thermal stability
    • Copper continuous heat circulation pipes
    • Automatically programable dosing by keyboard
    • Full commercial rotary pump 
    • Pre-infusion system for smooth coffee extraction
    • Stylish modern design with lit blue side panels
    • Superior finish in polished stainless steel
    • Large passive cup warmer on top of machine
    • Optional capacity and group height for large take away cups
  • Specifications

    Dimensions (wxdxh) 776 x 591 x 613 mm
    Boiler 14 litres
    Weight 70 kgs
    Power 3800 W

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