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Macap M2M Grinder

Macap M2M Grinder

On Demand, Stepped Grind Adjustment

This Product is Currently Sold Out - Will be availabe End of November.


M2M is a manual, on demand coffee grinder with stepped grind adjustment perfect for the home or as a dedicated decaf grinder for a cafe environment.

$629.00 NZD

  • Description

    The Macap M2M is a manual, on demand coffee grinder, which means the coffee grinds are used fresh and do not sit around in the doser. This size is perfect for the home or as a dedicated decaf grinder for a cafe environment.

    Available in Light Grey.

    Macap products are the result of constant refinement since 1930, with close attention to detail, understanding that the perfect shot of espresso relies in part on an excellent grinder. Macap coffee grinders make that perfect complement to any espresso machine. Read More About Macap 

  • Features

    • Designed and made in Italy
    • High quality proven, reliable motor that runs cool
    • Stepped coffee grind adjustment
    • Tinted Hopper to keep the UV away from the beans
    • Cooling vents to keep blade temperature down
    • 50mm flat burr blades made from tempered steel
    • Black and chrome high quality finish
  • Specifications

    Dimensions (wxdxh) 152 x 250 x 382 mm
    Motor Power 150 W
    Blades 50mm Flat Burrs
    Rotation speed 1400 RPM
    Hopper Capacity 250g
    Net Weight 5.2 kgs

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