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Benefits of regular cleaning

  • Extends the life of your machine
  • Increases the running efficiency
  • Increases hygiene
  • Promotes better coffee taste

Benefits of filtering water

  • Removes chorine from the water
  • Removes lime scale and calcium from the water preventing machine damage

Filter must be changed every 6 months



Cleaning should be done daily and in fact through out the day the cleaner the better - to a point. EMS offers a range of products for all espresso cleaning needs, including Fully Super Automatic machines. Our preferred brand of cleaning products is Puly Caff which are made in Italy, and are very effective.


For coffee machines filtration is essential. Firstly it takes the chlorine taste from the water, leaving it tasting neutral and pure. Secondly and most importantly in NZ is using a filter which will take out lime scale and calcium. Both these are tasteless but they will both build up in the espresso machine and set like stone. The problem is you can’t filter it out with a regular filter because it is so fine, so you need a special coffee filter where the lime scale and calcium “sticks” to the filter. However this “sticky” action only lasts for 6 months regardless of how much or little it is used.

It is vital to change the water filter every 6 months.

We have been using EVERPURE Filters from the USA for many years and they are very effective. We also import and stock Brita Filters, another a good brand.

Both have a bayonet fitting and are easy to change yourself. We recommend putting through around a bucket of water to “charge” the filter before connecting back to the coffee machine.

Please feel free to email, call or drop in to the showroom for expert advice on maintenance of your coffee machine.

Watch our video on Maintenance of a BFC Extra TCI Espresso Machine.