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Spotlight on: BFC Espresso Machine manufacturers

Brutti Fullin Costruzioni (BFC) produces and exports thousands of espresso machines around the world each year. But unlike other companies, who source components offshore to assemble in Italy, the boilers, copper tubing, chassis and casings of BFC espresso machines are designed and made entirely in the BFC plant in Scomigo di Conegliano.

Known as ‘the choice of the Italian Barista’, BFC machines are well known for their unsurpassed quality workmanship, proven performance and designer appearance.  Started by boilermaker Marco Brutti and his wife Fullin, who have 30 years of experience in the espresso manufacturing business and still run the company, BFC is highly respected within the industry for boiler construction, pressure and temperature control.

Good coffee relies on the machine having stable pressure and temperature. Most machines use a pressurestat to control these elements, but the result is not always reliable, and even a two degree temperature difference can alter flavour dramatically. BFC aim to build boilers at least 50% heavier than anything currently on the market, meaning they offer very reliable and long lasting machines that are very stable in temperature. BFC manufacture a large range of espresso machines, from the simple workhorse right up to the most sophisticated multi boiler and computer controlled machines.

Their quality is superb, with the machines copper boilers, connection tubes and steel housings are made entirely by BFC employees who are each experts in the espresso coffee machine sector. Strict control of the production processes cut manufacturing costs, so the end product offers absolute reliability and top quality at a very fair price, with the stability to make excellent coffee, time after time, year after year.