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Macap - Coffee Grinder Manufacturers

Macap was established in 1930 in Italy as a coffee and equipment supplier to the coffee industry and have been proven to offer superior products since its inception. All Macap products are a result of refinement and adherence to strict quality standards. Attention to detail coupled with robust and long lasting material has resulted in their grinders being superior to others on the market.

Macap trades in over 80 countries in the world confirming it is a significant player in the coffee industry. A range of Macap’s most popular lines is now available to you through EMS, priced well to suit the market.

Macap is a progressive and innovative company, and like BFC is privately owned. The son is the technical director and it would be fair to say he is obsessed with finding solutions to long standing problems. For example re-designing the coffee delivery so that it drops directly into the porta filter, rather than shooting out all over the bench resulting in less mess and much less wastage. The doser handle is made from very high quality Swedish steel which is considered unbreakable. 

The motors are very high quality (well proven in other industry applications) so are very reliable and run cool. The motor is fitted later in the manufacturing process and is less enclosed than in other grinders meaning less heat, a cooler running motor and better tasting consistent coffee.

The cone is not affected by static electricity so the flow of coffee is better. Details like grooves in the screw adjuster allow the coffee dust to escape. If the particles are trapped the oils in screw adjuster will set like glue. The inspections at the factory are vigorous ensuring consistent quality. Macap outsources the manufacture of the Grinding Burrs to a very highly skilled specialist so the cutting edges are consequently very sharp and will cut very even. Macap are the only manufacturer to check the parallelism of the blades, this means the grind is more accurate with less powder in the cup.

We stock a wide range of Macap Grinders to suit the home, office or cafe environment.

Why choose a Macap Grinder over other leading brands? 

The doser spring is a weak point in other grinders and always breaks at exactly the wrong time The Macap spring works in torsion and doesn’t break

The “stepless” horizontal micrometric adjustment is excellent. Simply, this means it is very easy to achieve the correct accurate setting and very easy to readjust if need be. This really is the best feature in our opinion to make the coffee to a higher standard.