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1005 Langley St

Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Our Brands

EMS select only the best globally recognised brands in coffee machinery and equipment with a reputation for unrivalled quality, meticulous control and perfect finish.

BFC - Espresso Machine Manufacturers

In Italy, BFC is one of the last family businesses making espresso machines that are the first choice of professional baristas. Over there they say ‘Mr Brutti knows boilers’; because he has mastered the science and art of thermal stability for excellent, consistent coffee.

Espresso Machine Specialists stock a range of BFC coffee machines from lever style 1 groups perfect for the home, to commercial lever and electronic 4 groups suitable for the busiest cafe.


WMF - Super Automatic Espresso Machine Manufacturers

After years of looking for a range of Super Automatic office coffee machines that will actually produce great coffee we finally discovered WMF from Germany and are the proud NZ Agents for this range.

WMF are a famous German company established in the 1853 and differentiate themselves through quality and innovation in function and design.

WMF machines are espresso machines for the office and environments where for what ever reason you do not have a trained Barista.


MacchiaValley - Fully Automatic Professional Coffee Machines

As a manufacturer of professional coffee machines, MACCHIAVALLEY develops its own technology and innovative products that meet the highest quality standards.

Our high performance coffee machines for restaurants, hotels, the retail trade, offices and canteens offer proven technology, uniform quality even for large volumes, ease of operation and excellent value for money.

MACCHIAVALLEY fully automatic professional coffee machines and filter holder espresso machines supply the best coffee taste to satisfied customers in over 50 countries across the world.


Macap - Coffee Grinder Manufacturers

Macap was established in 1930 in Italy as a coffee and equipment supplier to the coffee industry and have been proven to offer superior products since its inception. All Macap products are a result of refinement and adherence to strict quality standards. Attention to detail coupled with robust and long lasting material has resulted in their grinders being superior to others on the market.

Macap trades in over 80 countries in the world confirming it is a significant player in the coffee industry. A range of Macap’s most popular lines is now available to you through EMS, priced well to suit the market.

Why choose a Macap Grinder over other leading brands? 

The doser spring is a weak point in other grinders and always breaks at exactly the wrong time The Macap spring works in torsion and doesn’t break

The “stepless” horizontal micrometric adjustment is excellent. Simply, this means it is very easy to achieve the correct accurate setting and very easy to readjust if need be. This really is the best feature in our opinion to make the coffee to a higher standard.


Metallurgica Motta - Espresso Accessory Manufacturer

In these days of cheap low quality production, it is a real pleasure to handle and offer the Motta range. The best professional quality but at prices still achievable in the domestic market.

Metallurgica Motta has always specialised in the production of household goods in stainless steel. The tradition in this field, implies reliability from years of experience, modern design and high quality production processes. Motta coffee accessories are high quality steel products with an excellent finish.

Again a privately owned business currently run by the 3rd Generation Mr Marco Motta. Marco is not only a charming man of high integrity he is obsessed with producing the highest quality stainless steel accessories for kitchens and cafes. The Italians call this quality of stainless steel  Inox. Very highly regarded in Italy, mentioned in the same breath as Alessi, the barista accessories are simply the best and are used the the World Barista Championship. From a real concern and consideration for the environment and sustainable practices, Marco is constantly trying to improve quality and offering.