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1005 Langley St

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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

WMF 900S Office Coffee Machine


The WMF 900S stands out due to its attractive design and the high-quality casing with titanium highlights. it features a steam jet cup warmer and the innovative WMF All-In-One Spout, WMF Plug&Clean and WMF Removable brewer system.

Cleaning is simple and automated. The user simply inserts the cleaning tablet and presses start. 

The WMF 900S utilises the same technology as the larger WMF Professional units, including the boiler and milk systems. 

It is environmentally friendly with reduced energy consumption, fewer chemicals and almost entirely recyclable. 

The WMF one touch concept allows operation to made as simple as possible and generally with the press of a single button. 

The hopper is stylishly integrated into the rear of the unit and allows quick refill during peak operation periods. 

The WMF All-In-One spout allows for two speciality coffees to be made at the same time. 

The WMF 900S features multiple easy to use adjustments including a manual insert which allows you to use other types of pre ground coffee eg. Decaf or single origin. 

The WMF 900S functions with the tried and tested quality of professional WMF coffee machines and WMF’s renowned ease of use. 



  • WMF One Touch Concept WMF Perfect Coffee Extraction System
  • Professional WMF technology Plug & Clean automated cleaning system
  • Award Winning German design
  • WMF All-In-One professional spout
  • 8 coffee types
  • Jet Steam Cup Warmer 


Dimensions (wxhxd) 305 x 400 x 443 mm
Daily output up to 35 cups
Max hourly output up to 20 cups
Coffee bean hopper 250g
Power 230V
Empty weight 15kg

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